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UltraPortable Game changer! Thinkpad X1 Review, Specs, Release date!

April 28, 2011

ThinkPad X1 ReviewThe ThinkPad launch of the year? We think so. Lenovo continues to innovate with the ThinkPad brand and shows its world class design and engineering capabilities with the new ThinkPad X1. One of the first real benchmark products for Lenovo, that showed us how serious it was taking the brand, was the ThinkPad X300 series with its carbon fiber shell and super slim design.

Whilst this isn’t a full ThinkPad X1 review, we give you all the goodness we have so far. Read more

FREE Upgrades! ThinkPad Edge Coupon Code | E520 | E420

April 28, 2011

ThinkPad Edge Coupon CodeThinkPad Edge Coupon Code. Use this ThinkPad Edge E420 Coupon Code or ThinkPad Edge E520 Coupon Code to get a Memory Upgrade to 4GB and a Hard Drive Upgrade to 500GB. This ThinkPad Edge Coupon will only be available for a limited time, so get your FREE Upgrade now! Read more

$480 OFF! ThinkPad T520 Coupon Code | Sale & Upgrade

April 27, 2011

ThinkPad T520 Coupon CodeThinkPad T520 Coupon Code. Save $480 toward the purchase of a ThinkPad T520 with this ThinkPad T520 Coupon Code. By using this ThinkPad Coupon Code not only will you save money. You will also get a free 4GB Memory and 500GB Hard Drive Upgrade. Read more

$630 ThinkPad T420 Coupon Code | FREE Memory & Hard Drive Upgrade

April 27, 2011

ThinkPad T420 Coupon CodeThinkPad T420 Coupon Code. Get $630 off the price of a ThinkPad T420 by using this limited time ThinkPad T420 Coupon Code. Act now and you’ll also receive a FREE Memory and Hard Drive Upgrade! Read more

ThinkTablet, more details emerge! Specifications and launch

April 26, 2011

Lenovo ThinkTablet Review and Specifications

We blew the whistle on the new ThinkPad Tablet or ThinkTablet last week, and  now we bring you some more delicious news! Looks like we were scooped on this news by the boys and girls over at, the team that originally brought us all the tech goodness at  Engadget

The new ThinkPad Tablet or ‘ThinkTablet’ is being positioned as a prosumer  with Business Class features and full support for IT managers. Read more

ThinkTablet it’s true! ThinkPad Enterprise Tablet for Sept ’11!

April 21, 2011

ThinkTablet launch date

The ThinkTablet is fact, not fiction! Back in October last year (’10) we broke the rumour that a ThinkPadTablet may very well be in the final design stages. We knew then that an ‘enterprise’ level Tablet was definitely something that the boys in Raleigh were thinking long and hard about

During a conversation with Dilip Bhatia Executive Director, ThinkPad Product Marketing for Lenovo, we tried to squeeze confirmation out of him, but all Dilip would say at the time was that Lenovo was ‘thinking about it’. Well, as we know, with Lenovo, a statement like that is tantamount to an admission that they are at the design stage! Read more

Over $500 OFF! ThinkPad 48 Hour Coupon Code | Edge | X220 | X220 Tablet

April 20, 2011

ThinkPad Coupon CodeThinkPad 48 Hour Coupon Code. Get up to and over $500 off the purchase of your favorite ThinkPad Edge and ThinkPad X Series. Just redeem this ThinkPad E420 Coupon Code, ThinkPad E520 Coupon Code, ThinkPad E420s Coupon Code, ThinkPad E220s Coupon Code, ThinkPad X220 Coupon Code, or this ThinkPad X220s Coupon Code. Read more

Save over $1000! 48 Hour ThinkPad Coupon Code | T520 | T420 | T420s | W520

April 20, 2011

ThinkPad Coupon CodeThinkPad 48 Hour Sale. Save up to and over $1,000 on some of your favorite ThinkPad Laptops by using either this ThinkPad T420 Coupon Code, ThinkPad T520 Coupon Code, ThinkPad T420s Coupon Code, or this ThinkPad W520 Coupon Code. This ThinkPad Coupon Code will only be available for 48 hours, so act fast! Read more

$486 OFF! ThinkPad T Series Coupon Code | Plus Free Shipping

April 20, 2011

ThinkPad T Series Coupon CodeThinkPad T Series Coupon Code. Save up to and over $480 on the New ThinkPad T Series Laptops by using this ThinkPad T520 Coupon Code, ThinkPad T420 Coupon Code, or ThinkPad T420s Coupon Code. Experience rock bottom prices and free shipping during this ThinkPad T Series Sale. This Lenovo Sale is a limited time offer, so act today! Read more

$875 ThinkPad Canada Coupon Code | Affiliate Exclusive Sale!

April 20, 2011

ThinkPad Canada Coupon CodeThinkPad Canada Affiliate Exclusive Coupon Codes. Save up to $879 on all your favorite ThinkPad Models, including the new ThinkPad T Series, during this Affiliate & Canada Exclusive Sale. With this sale you can cash in on a ThinkPad L Series Coupon Code, ThinkPad T Series Coupon Code, NEW ThinkPad T Series, ThinkPad X201 Coupon Code or this ThinkPad W Series Coupon Code. Read more

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