The concept of smart home is increasingly becoming mainstream, predominantly due to the effort of Tech giants like Google and Amazon.The lines between hardware and software has been blurred, with a combination of the two being the preferred and more effective choice today. This is a blog for tech-enthusiasts and small home owners who wish to bring smart home technologies to their doorsteps.

Every other day, we notice more and more smart gadgets being released, from ovens and refrigerators to alarm systems and Wi-Fi locks. With so many choices out there, consumers need advice on how such technologies can indeed aid their life.At Think Pad Today, we create content related to smart home and smart technologies that improve the life of the average consumer.

Our scope includes any and every possible gadget that can be integrated into your household, regardless of its size. We are a group of hardware nerds – engineers and developers based in Silicon Valley – who constantly stay updated on new gadget releases.

While we do focus on product reviews and product marketing, we are ultimately consumer-centric. We want to provide an unbiased opinion on product features and functionality, effectiveness, value for price and other information that impact your decision making process when buying a product.