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ThinkPad W530 Review and Specs – Lenovo does it again

June 4, 2012

ThinkPad W530 ReviewLenovo does it again with the ThinkPad W530. The Lenovo W530 takes the W series to the next level. Read more

Thinkpad T430u Review, Specs, Release date!

March 19, 2012

ThinkPad T430u ReviewThis is the one we’ve been waiting for, the ThinkPad T430u. The first business Ultrabook from Lenovo. Lenovo has always innovated with the ThinkPad brand, and the ThinkPad T430u sets another benchmark for Lenovo. Read more

Thinkpad X1 will Dominate UltraPortable Sector on Price and Features

May 10, 2011

ThinkPad X1 ReviewIn our initial ThinkPad X1 Review we said it would be an UltraPortable game changer, well we revise that, it’s going to dominate the sector, completely! There will be absolutely nothing that comes close to the ThinkPad X1 in terms of portability and power on its release date in the US in July. Read more

UltraPortable Game changer! Thinkpad X1 Review, Specs, Release date!

April 28, 2011

ThinkPad X1 ReviewThe ThinkPad launch of the year? We think so. Lenovo continues to innovate with the ThinkPad brand and shows its world class design and engineering capabilities with the new ThinkPad X1. One of the first real benchmark products for Lenovo, that showed us how serious it was taking the brand, was the ThinkPad X300 series with its carbon fiber shell and super slim design.

Whilst this isn’t a full ThinkPad X1 review, we give you all the goodness we have so far. Read more

ThinkTablet it’s true! ThinkPad Enterprise Tablet for Sept ’11!

April 21, 2011

ThinkTablet launch date

The ThinkTablet is fact, not fiction! Back in October last year (’10) we broke the rumour that a ThinkPadTablet may very well be in the final design stages. We knew then that an ‘enterprise’ level Tablet was definitely something that the boys in Raleigh were thinking long and hard about

During a conversation with Dilip Bhatia Executive Director, ThinkPad Product Marketing for Lenovo, we tried to squeeze confirmation out of him, but all Dilip would say at the time was that Lenovo was ‘thinking about it’. Well, as we know, with Lenovo, a statement like that is tantamount to an admission that they are at the design stage! Read more

New 2011 ThinkPad Release dates T420 | T520 | W520 | X220 and L Series

March 2, 2011

ThinkPad 2011 Release Dates

The ThinkPad X120e is now available plus we have release dates for the ThinkPad T420, ThinkPad T520, the ThinkPad W520 and the ThinkPad L420 and L520 with the new Sandy Bridge architecture. Current ThinkPad X120e Specifications are listed below.

STOP PRESS: March 18th ’11 The ThinkPad T420 and ThinkPad T520 with Intel HD 3000 Integrated Graphics are now available on the Lenovo site. With the new Sandy Bridge Architecture with the 12EUs Graphics cores, the Intel 3000 HD Graphics option is going to do a great job of handling most business applications. Read more

ThinkPad T420, T520 & X220 Sandy Bridge 2011 pre Launch Review

January 21, 2011

The new ThinkPad T520, ThinkPad T420 and ThinkPad X220 should be with us by the end of March with the new Sandy Bridge architecture, and boy do they look good. We did grill ThinkPad Engineers at CES and whilst they were keeping their cards close to their chest we are going to stick our necks out and go on record with the following ThinkPad T520, ThinkPad T420 and ThinkPad X220 predictions. Read more

Win a $1000 ThinkPad T420 with ThinkpadToday. Free Entry!

October 29, 2010

Win a ThinkPad T410 T420 valued at over $1000 in the ThinkPadToday ‘Win a ThinkPad‘ competition. Quick and simple to enter, just let us know who you are and tell us why you love ThinkPads. Stop Press: Updated to new model ThinkPad T420! Read more

ThinkPad Tablet Hybrid? Fact or fiction? We think its fact, here’s why

October 21, 2010

A ThinkPad Tablet Hybrid? Well, maybe! We had a fascinating tele conference on Monday 4th October with Dilip Bhatia who is executive director, ThinkPad Product Marketing for Lenovo. The purpose of the tele conference was to kick off the Lenovo 60 Million celebration and also to announce the launch of the new NVIDIA Optimus enabled ThinkPad T Series

What really struck us during our call was the absolute dedication and enthusiasm that Dilip has for the ThinkPad brand. Its great to know that ThinkPad is in such good hands.

Dilip told us that ThinkPad is now the Number 2 worldwide business brand in terms of sales and growth continues to be very strong. It was also interesting to hear that the ThinkPad defect free rate is now higher than 99%, a pretty impressive number! Read more

A Business Notebook 1st – ThinkPad T Series with NVIDIA Optimus Graphics

October 5, 2010

ThinkPad with NVIDIA Optimus Technology

ThinkPad with NVIDIA Optimus. Lenovo introduced NVIDIA NVS 3100m Optimus Graphics today on the full range of ThinkPad T Series notebooks. The NVIDIA NVS 3100m Optimus Graphics system will be available on the ThinkPad T510, ThinkPad T410 and the ThinkPad T410s. Read more

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