These miniature IoT sensors can be great for your smart home

If you remember your high school physics, you would recall something called Moore’s Law. Apparently Moore knew what he was talking about. Today we live in a world where gadgets are getting smaller. This increasing miniaturization has led to the hip terminology – IoT – that every toddler on the street knows today. Such IoT devices have successfully penetrated the smart home domain.

IoT sensors like thermostat sensors, energy monitors, moisture detectors can be made extremely small. One such product is Sensorpush’s humidity sensor. It has a 100m line of sight and keeps you updated even from a distance. The sensor can be paired with your phone with no difficulties. And best of all, it is priced below $50 per unit. It is affordable and practical for the small house-owner.

Bosch’s uRADMonitor is a portable environment monitor which detects dust, pollutants etc. It is ideal if you live in an apartment or a congested part of the city. The device fits in your palm and like Sensorpush’s humidity sensor, can be installed with no fuss. You can even maximize the value of the sensor by using it in your car.

Ubiqweus is further pushing miniaturization to its limits with its QBiq sensor series. QBiq is exactly as it sounds. These are one-inch cubes that can perform multiple functions including light intensity and motion detection, once attached to an object. From what we have seen, Ubiqweus is following a different approach by designing its sensors to be diverse and multi-purpose as opposed to a product tailored to one single use-case.

These are some among many great sensors that are being rolled into the market. The idea behind these sensors is to make them affordable, portable and convenient. You may have three rooms in your house, but all you need is one sensor that can be attached to or detached from any object as and when desired.

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