Lenovo ThinkPad W700 Review, the Photo Pro's heap the praise

October 14, 2008

The ThinkPad W700 has had an amazing effect on the Pro Photographers who have seen this superb laptop in action. With its Quad Core Computing power, built in Redundancy, Wacom Digitizer, Auto Colour Calibration and superb build quality, its set to become the de facto standard for the Professional Photographer.

In fact, the ThinkPad W700, along with its smaller sibling the ThinkPad W500, looks set  to become the ‘industry standard’ mobile workstation for professional number crunchers and computer artists of all persuasions.

Last week we featured a with some of the world’s best pro photographers putting the ThinkPad W700 through its paces. The video was shot at the Microsoft Pro 08 Photo Summit, with photographic luminaries such as Bambi Cantrell and Mathew Jordan Smith.

Bambi Cantrell, has in fact taken it up herself to comment on the post, heaping more praise on the W700.

But we want to know what buy viagra you think. If you are a professional photographer, Graphic or 3D Artist, Engineer or CAD professional, and you own and are using a ThinkPad W700,

then please let us know what you think and let us have your thoughts and comments!

Lenovo ThinkPad W700


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