3 lessons from Nest when installing a smart home surveillance system

Humans are creatures wired towards maximizing their safety and security. Surveillance systems and methods have been used by us for millenniums. With the ever increasing pace of technology adoption, a home surveillance system is available today for the price of a leather jacket. With so many options out there and consumers weighing the price-feature balance, we look at the innovators, such as Nest, to understand the key requirements such a system.


At the end of the day, we have to admit that a surveillance system is purely judged on its functionality, not on its aesthetics. If you and your family are not tech-oriented, as most of us are, a system that is easy to set up and use is key. Nest’s Aware, its monitoring app, can be simply installed on your iPhone or Android phone, and is designed to be used by a dummy.


In an age where software rules, compatibility between different gadgets is vital. If you are a home owner who wants a fool-proof surveillance system with smart alarms, temperature sensors, fail-safe locks etc., you need a single provider in order to minimize your support and maintenance costs. Nest recognized this, and has released 8 different products over the last few years that can be controlled with a single user interface.

Continuous improvement

The life span of a product today is very short. Improvements and upgrades happen at least once a year – case in point, an iPhone. Improvements depend on data availability and usage. The more data your software is able to collect, the more it can learn from that data and the lesser its risk of failing. Fortunately for Nest, data storage and analysis isn’t really an issue as it is owned by a company that holds the single largest data repository in the planet.

These three factors are essential for a home surveillance system and should be kept in mind for your decision making process. Check out Nest’s website for understanding other key product requirements.

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