Did you know a smart bed can help you with your fitness goals?

A smart bed? Geez. It seems ridiculous that the adjective ‘smart’ is being attached to every object that we see around us. One may think that a smart bed, like most of them, is just another gimmick for a company to get consumers to pay for stuff that they don’t need. Think again.

As someone who regularly works out and does a lot of strength training, I constantly have problems sleeping in the right posture. I wake up with a stiff neck or back. Sometimes I have stiffness even in my abdominals depending on whether or not I have worked out that body part the previous day. I’m sure many of you have similar problems. The good thing with a smart mattress is that it is able to move with your body posture constantly to ensure that you sleep right.

A vital feature that is relevant is the smart cover. This is basically a layer that can be connected to an app in your smartphone and allows you to adjust the temperature. Most top brands in this category like Jupiter+and ReST include this feature. The app does more than temperature adjustment. It also provides a report on your sleep time, comfort and recommendation tips.

Why is this important? If you are knowledgeable about fitness, you know that there are three things that influence it – food, exercise and sleep. We can monitor our diet and exercises with ease. Sleep is normally the one part that we are unable to monitor. Till now, that is.

I hope this article convinces you that smart mattresses are not just a luxury purchase. If you are in a profession where it is vital to be aware of your sleep information, say like an athlete, I would definitely recommend you to check out the various products available in this category.

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