ThinkPad notebooks reduce Total Cost of Ownership for Enterprise, Small Business and Soloprenuer

September 22, 2009

When is a notebook purchase not a commodity buy? When its a Lenovo ThinkPad!

If you want real value from your notebook purchase and real return delivered from Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), there is only really one choice, and that is ThinkPad.

We read an interesting article last week about the increasing trend towards treating notebook purchases as a commodity.

Usual stuff, Accounts needs 3 laptops, the Sales team need 4, and the Head of Marketing needs one so he can take some work home over the weekends.

So the request goes in to purchasing. They look at all the spec requests, and after having had a little laugh to themselves they average all the requests out, knock a few Gigabytes and Gigahertz off the spec and either start calling round all the discount suppliers or go online and start searching for the cheapest price for 8 notebooks, at around an average specification.

And that of course is what they, and the user in the company ends up with. A very average notebook.

The exception of course is when a company has some IT savvy, and has a very particular need and is making a medium to large budget purchase and rollout.

Its in this sort of situation were more thought is given to the Total Cost of Ownership, and the organization in question will consider handing over the purchase and deployment to a Value Added Reseller.

And this is where our story starts.

Dave Cunningham, President and CEO of Dempsey Bluevar, has a customer that regular spent over $1 million a year with them and in the past Dave had recommended IBM ThinkPad, a brand that has of course, given Dave’s customer sterling service.

Now Dave and his company Dempsey Bluevar were up against some stiff competition for a new order from this particular customer, only this time Dave was recommending Lenovo ThinkPad.

Would the ThinkPad brand maximize their investment, offering the same level of TCO under Lenovo ownership?

It’s an interesting and fascinating story, on how the ThinkPad brand will win your customers over, and what Total Cost of ownership really means. Go to Business Solutions Magazine to read the full article.


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