ThinkPad W700 vs the ThinkPad W500, the Scott Hanselman Shoot out!

July 9, 2009

ThinkPad W500 versus ThinkPad W700

In his Lenovo ThinkPad W700 versus the ThinkPad W500 review, Scott Hanselman, Microsoft Principle Program Manager, puts both the ThinkPad W500 and the ThinkPad W700 through their paces in a side by side shoot out.

For those of you that are comparing the ThinkPad W700 vs the ThinkPad W500 and want a full review and unbiased opinion, (OK, Scott’s not unbiased, he loves ThinkPads!), then you have to check out this review.

It is the most detailed side by side comparison of the W700 versus the W500 we have read and comes to some really interesting conclusions. So, if your in the process of comparing the ThinkPad W700 to the ThinkPad W500 and you are in a quandary, this is the review for you.

Do you go for the awesome ThinkPad W700?

To quote Scott ..

‘This laptop has its own gravitational pull with netbooks and smaller laptops orbiting
around it. It’s truly awesome. It is a quad-proc machine with an amazing 1920×1200 17″ screen and
a second 1280×768 pull out side-car monitor. What’s that extra monitor for? Toolboxes,
the Solution Explorer, your Email, whatever. It’s brilliant, and don’t knock it until
you’ve tried it.

If you’re looking for a luggable, this is the pinnacle.’

And Scott’s quote on the ThinkPad W500 …

‘The W500 is EXACTLY like my T60p. But with more awesome. It basically fixes every
tiny thing that was wrong with the T60p, which was very little. It weighs the same and
looks exactly like the T60p. It adds an integrated webcam in the bezel, which means
one less thing to carry on trips.’

‘The screen on the W500 is amazing, running at 1920×1200, but the same size as the

So which ThinkPad W Series does Scott Hanselman choose? The Lenovo ThinkPad W500 or
the Lenovo ThinkPad W700? Well, to find out, you’ll have to read Scott’s ThinkPad W Series review.

Thanks Scott for the insight and sharing this with the ThinkPad community


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