Useful Resources

There are a lot of resources and content out there that we recommend you to check out. We have selected a few resources that advice you on different elements of the smart home journey.

Life hacker – Home Automation

Life hacker’s home automation blog has several useful tips, especially for those are technically wired, to utilize different tools and components to build a customized smart home. If you are an engineer, you will love this website.

Smart home summit

For those of you living near the West coast or willing to travel to San Francisco, there is a great exhibition happening at the Hyatt Regency on the 6th of November. Some exciting manufacturers like Intel, iDevices and Aura will be at the exhibition. There will also be talks and conferences from industry experts. Definitely recommended for those who prefer to see rather than read!

Cnet – Smart homes

This is perhaps the most obvious resource to follow. Cnet is one of the most renowned Tech reviewers and experts in the digital world, and they have a great collection of posts about smart homes. If you are one of those wondering whether you should go for Google or Alexa, this one is for you.


Arrayent is known for articles that are security focused. They inform you of the precautions that must be taken when using smart gadgets. Some of the topics they cover include data authentication, encryption and so on.